I can't believe that it's already Fall and we've had the pleasure of knowing your sweet children for almost a month!  We will continue to go outside for buggy rides, so don't forget to send those jackets and hats.  The kiddos love feeling the breeze on their faces and hearing the dogs bark along the way!  They get really excited when we actually see a dog.  They also loved shaking the bells, singing and dancing in their music class with Ms. Stacey!


What we are doing this month:

Books:  "The Cheerios Halloween Playbook," and "My First Halloween

Shape:  Circle

Signs:  eat, more, finished

Art:  gourds, pumpkins

Sensory:  cuddle and sooth (trusting adults)

Colors:  orange and black

Outdoor activities:  buggy rides, listening to dogs bark, looking at leaves and pumpkins, singing

Have a good afternoon!

Shannon and Robin