October update

Hard to believe it is already October. All of the children are doing very well. They seem to know the routine and we are thankful for the weather to be able to enjoy time outside. Our Nursery Rhyme this month is Hickory Dickory Dock and we will focus on orange circles. There are a few songs that we sing regularly and a prayer before snack that we sing each day, I am including the words if you want to sing them at home or if your child has already been singing and you were not quite sure what they were saying.

When washing hands: Tops and bottoms, tops and bottoms (rub top and bottoms of hands) In between, in between (interlace fingers and rub) Rinse with lots of water, rinse with lots of water (rinse) Now they're clean, now they're clean

Prayer: God our Father, God our Father Once again, once again We will ask your blessing We will ask your blessing Amen, Amen

Clean up song: Clean up, clean up everybody everywhere clean up, clean up everybody do their share.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

Genevieve and Kamila

-- Genevieve Rowley 514 3464