Spring Fever?

The sun is rising a bit earlier and it sure is warm, Spring must be on its way! With such pretty days ahead we will be spending as much time outside as possible! We've planned fun and exciting activities for the kids that will send them home dirty and tired! So don't forget to send them in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Last week was very busy with Valentines Day and our famous Art Walk, it was so much fun and so nice to see everyone! The kids worked very hard on all of the art you saw and they enjoyed every second doing it! They love finger paint, not just smearing it on paper but on themselves, this would be a great warm day activity to do outside that way when they finish you could just hose them off! We want to thank Whitney and Scarlett for such a fun V-Day party! The kids had a blast! 

We've also noticed that some of your little ones are learning new words and skills! It's so amazing to watch them grow and have fun playing with their friends! We are so grateful to teach them and are looking forward to even more time with them in the next months, especially with warm weather approaching! :) We will see everyone tomorrow! 




Party time! Great food and friends, what could be better?