Busy Little Bees

Here in Room 102 we have been very busy! Lots of reading, tons of painting and hopefully more time to play outside! With the New Year brings all new skills and milestones in Group II. We have several talkers now, and lots of curiosity. We've worked really hard on learning new things such as walking safely on the log stepping stones to cleaning up after snack practically by ourselves. We thoroughly enjoy painting, especially on our hands. We love to reads a lot of books during snack and look forward to seeing Ms. Stacey for music every Tuesday! Now with the year in full swing and everyone settled in again we have begun the season of Valentines and preparation for our famous Art Walk! Though we can't show you pictures yet we can say for sure your all going to love it! We've worked very hard! As well, we've all become little construction workers with our table full of hammers, screw drivers and goggles. We love to build and fix things, whether it be a truck or the door knob. 


Hopefully warmer weather will be here soon so we can be outside even more! Until then we still enjoy our weekly round-a-bouts and little trips to the rec room!