Outdoor Fun

We had a wonderful time outside last week. We went for a nature walk where we found sticks, leaves, seed pods, and lots of other treasures. We played on the big playground. Some children especially enjoyed playing basketball while others enjoyed the climbing wall and big slide! The class is doing such a great job walking single file on the yellow line for safety in the parking lot. We are so proud of them!!

For art this week, we had fun making cotton ball sheep, finger painting yellow, and we finished the week by making bagel bird feeders. We hope the birds, and perhaps some squirrels, enjoyed them in your yards.

We continue to talk about plants and trees during circle time. We talk about what the plants need to grow. We have plants growing in raised beds on the big playground. We watched worms being released into the beds. We will be spending more time monitoring and helping with the gardening projects out there.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful flowers, Starbucks coffee, delicious breakfast, and the pastries! We feel very appreciated!!

Best, Caroline and Laurie

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